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Terms & Conditions

Liability and Responsibility - Please read the following carefully. Making a reservation and acceptance of tickets and/or vouchers shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions. PIED PIPER CRUISES, the tour operator, acts solely as an agent for the passenger. PIED PIPER CRUISES and The designated Cruise Line does not accept responsibility in whole or part for any delay, loss, accidents, personal injury, sickness, medical expenses, or property damage occasioned by fault or negligence of any person, employee or company entrusted with the performance of such service from whatever cause. The tour operator and cruise line will not be responsible for any expense or inconvenience caused by late arrivals and departures of trains, ships, airplanes, buses, autos or any changes of schedule beyond its control. The tour operator and cruise line will not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to your luggage, money, jewelry, valuables or any other belongings whatsoever and howsoever caused.

The tour operator is responsible for all services to be provided in respect to this tour. All tour services, including but not limited to hotel accommodations, restaurants, guide services, ground transportation, and cruise transportations, are furnished by contractors that are independent from, and that do not act for or on behalf of or as agents of or as joint ventures with the air carrier, cruise line or tour operator.

The right is reserved by the tour operator to make any changes that might become necessary with or without notice. The tour operator reserves the right to accept or decline any person as a member of the tour at any time and to cancel the tour if minimum space requirements are not met. The passenger agrees to the use of his/her likeness in photo or video, unless specifically specified otherwise in writing.

The sole and exclusive responsibility of the air carrier and cruise lines shall be in accordance with and as limited by the contract of carriage set forth in the passenger ticket, baggage check and tariffs issued by the carrier/cruise line. The cruise line ticket and contract will be included in passenger documents. The passenger ticket, when used, shall constitute a sole contract between the airlines/cruise lines and the purchaser of these tickets and/or passenger. These carriers and other carriers are not responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not on board their planes or conveyances.

Deposit/Cancellation Policy Per Person - Any changes in passenger name will be considered a cancellation. All deposits, payments, and cancellation fees are per person. The purchase of trip cancellation insurance to protect the passenger is strongly recommended and can be arranged by your travel agent.


PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICIES (Policies are specific to individual cruise line see below)

Celebrity / Royal Caribbean Deposit Due at time of booking (No refunds plus cancellation Fee $75) / Final Payment Due 90 days prior to sailing (Cancellation Fee 50%) / No Refunds 60 days prior to sailing.

Azamara Cruise Lines Deposit Due at time of booking (Cancellation Fee $175) / Final Payment Due 120 days prior to sailing (Cancellation Fee 50%) / No Refunds 60 days prior to sailing.

Celebrity Xpeditions Deposit Due at time of booking (DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE) / Final Payment Due 120 days prior to sailing (Cancellation Fee is deposit amount) / 29 to 15 days (Cancellation fee is 50% of total price) No Refunds 14 days or less prior to sailing.

Cunard Cruise Line Payment/Cancellation Policy - Deposit Due at time of booking (Cancellation Fee $75) / 10% Cancellation fee applies 120 days prior to sailing / Final Payment Due 90 days prior to sailing (Cancellation Fee 50%) / No Refunds 30 days prior to sailing.

Avalon River Cruises

Deposit of $500 due at time of booking (Cancellation Fee $100)

Following charges will apply: (Broken out by days before departure)

120-90 days : 15% of full fare
89-60 days : 35% of full fare
59-30 days : 50% of full fare
29-0 days : 100% of full fare

All terms and conditions are subject to change by the cruise line without prior notice. Cancellation terms and payment schedules on the reservation forms on our website supersede these terms and conditions.